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ScrewShield x2 v2 for Arduino
The terminal expansion board Arduino controller can be extended out of the terminal. And the user ca..
3-5 work days
Waveshare Accessory Shield for Arduino
Accessory Shield Overview Accessory Shield integrates common used accessories/components listed as ..
3-5 work days
Waveshare Analog Test AC / DAC Shield for Arduino
Overview Analog Test Shield is an Arduino expansion board, supports analog input/output. Features ..
3-5 work days
Waveshare GSM/GPRS/GPS SIM808 Shield for Arduino
Features General Arduino connectivity, compatible with UNO, Leonardo, NUCLEO, XNUCLEO Onboard U..
In Stock
WaveShare IO Expansion Shield for Arduino
Features 3-pin & 4-pin sensor interfaces, supports connecting sensors directly without compli..
3-5 work days
Waveshare Motor Control Shield 9V/0,6A for Arduino
Overview Motor Control Shield is capable of driving 4 DC motors or 2 stepping motors at one time. ..
3-5 work days
Waveshare Music Shield VS1053B MP3 for Arduino
Overview Music Shield is an Arduino expansion board for playing/recording audio, features onboard a..
3-5 work days
Transparent Acrylic Shell Box For Arduino Mega R3
Features: With EN instructions. Dimensions: 118 x 72 x 18mm Weight: 72g Material: A grade acrylic Fo..
In Stock
Transparent Acrylic Shell Box For Arduino UNO R3
Feature: With EN instructions. Weight: 53g Dimensions: 79.5 x 64.5 x 21mm Material: A grade acrylic ..
In Stock
Arduino Box - For Arduino Uno / Mega
This box is particularly well-suited for use with the Arduino Uno R3/R2/Duemilanove and the Arduino ..
In Stock
Arduino Uno Case - Black
Description: The Arduino Uno is the undisputed champion of all development boards, why would you n..
Temporarily Out Of Stock
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