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Bluetooth USB Stereo Muzikos Imtuvas
Features: Easy To Operate: Simply connect your speaker with our device, immediately transform your ..
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1x35W TDA8932 Audio Stiprintuvas
Feature: The board uses a high-performance digital TDA8932 chip, high efficiency, high power, high-..
2x50W TDA7492P Audio Stiprintuvas su Bluetooth CSR4.0 Imtuvu
Description: Material: PCB Amplifier Board Size(L*W*H): 80 x 55 x 15 mm Power: 2.1 interface 8 ~ ..
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2x15W PAM8610 audio stiprintuvas
Feature: This plate with switching function, SW short, will turn off the power amplifier Working M..
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2x3W PAM8403 Audio Stiprintuvas
Feature: Can use the computer USB port 5V power supply or using a mobile phone charger USB port 5V ..
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2x3W PAM8403 Audio Stiprintuvas su Potenciometru
Specifications: Operating voltage: 2.5V-5.5V Maximum output power: 3W*2(5V 4Ω) Length: 29mm W..
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Garsiakalbis 0.5W 8Ohm 30x12mm
Speaker - PCB Mount is great for projects where you need something that sounds better than a piezo b..
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Garsiakalbis 3W 4Ohm 50mm
Specifikacija: Medžiogos: Plastikas ir magnetas Varža: 4ohm Galia: 3W Diametras: 50mm Garsiakal..
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TPA3116D2 2x50W 2 Kanalų Stereo Garso Stiprintuvas
Audio type: TPA3116D2 Input voltage: DC 5V~DC 24V Output power: 2 x 50 W Operating frequency: 20Hz -..
2x15W TA2024 HIFI Audio Stiprintuvas 12V
1. This is a small digital amplifier board, its expertise is digital signal processing technology an..
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3.7V-5V microSD MP3 Keitiklio Modulis
Support MP3 play format Can play T / SD card, U disk, FM, and external audio source (LineIn), insert..
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Nešiojama garso kolonėlė BAZOOKA BT2500 MP3 FM Bluetooth
Techninės specifikacijos:   Bluetooth: A2DPŽemų dažnių garsiakalbiai: 1 x 6” bei ..
68.00€ 49.90€
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Nešiojama kolonėlė BT1000 MP3 FM Bluetooth
Akustinė bazūka leis jums mėgautis neįprastai aukšta garso raiška ir uždarose patalpos..
45.00€ 36.90€
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Nešiojama Kolonėlė BT950
Savybės:   - Įkrovimo lizdas - USB jungtis - AUX - Atminties kortelių lizdas - Galinga ba..
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