PICKIT2 Programatorius

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The PICkit 2 Starter Kit is a low-cost development kit with an easy to use interface for programming many of Microchip’s baseline, midrange and PIC18F families of Flash memory microcontrollers. This starter kit is designed to help the user get up to speed quickly using PIC microcontrollers
Easy to use Windows programming interface for programming many of Microchip’s Flash family of microcontrollers 
Microchip’s Tips ‘n Tricks Booklets provides efficient, low-cost design techniques.
Current PICkit 2 Programming Support (Mar 2007) Bold font indicates new parts supported in Application v2.20 and device file v1.20 PICkit 2 MPLAB 7.51 & 7.52 Support
Debugging & Programming 
PIC16F684*, 685*, 687*, 688*, 689*, 690* 
PIC16F883, 884, 886, 887 
PIC16F913, 914, 916, 917, 946
These devices require an ICD header board to enable debugging with them Programming only
PIC12F508, 509, 510 
PIC16F505, 506
For the most current MPLAB support information, see Readme for PICkit 2 in the “Readmes” subdirectory of “MPLAB IDE.”
(Typically C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPLAB IDE\Readmes)
Notice: (please read this carefully for some often asked questions)
Included Accessories
6-pin ICSP programming cable
Mini-USB to USB cable