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Maketavimo laidai T-T 20cm (40vnt.)
This is a splittable 40 pin 20mm length male - male jumper wire for 2.54mm, it is very flexible, can..
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U formos laidai maketavimo plokštei
This box including over 10 different length(from 3mm-125mm) and various colors of jumper wire, perfe..
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XT60 Baterijų Laidas 14AWG 10cm
Maksimali srovė: 88A Laido ilgis:10cm  ..
9V kronos maitinimo prijungimas
  This adapter consists of a 9V battery clip and a standard 5.5*2.1mm center positive barrel ja..
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GPIO 40pin laidai + adapteris maketavimo plokštei
The GPIO extension kit used for extending the GPIO interface on Raspberry Pi , it helps you break ou..
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JST Jungtis
Material: PVC plastic Length: 15cm This 2PIN connector is usually used in LED strips, LED wall-was..
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